Precision Stainless

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication in New Bedford, MA

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  • Custom Island Counter and Cabinet

    Custom Island Counter and Cabinet

    We produced this large countertop to replace an obsolete unit for a local church a few years back. The top size is approximately 6’6”x 9’6” with a seam-weld down the middle along the back of the sinks. This unit’s top and sinks was made with 14 GA Stainless Steel. The cabinets, doors, and drawers were…

  • Custom Mirror & Pedestal

    Custom Mirror & Pedestal

    These are some examples of artistic metal work we have done. The Stainless Steel mirror is accented by different grain directions, giving it a unique look rather than the straight brushed-finish. We made unique pairs of 4-sided pedestals in the past to display designer shoes in Manhattan. The pedestal in this picture was achieved by…

  • Custom Hydralic Sake Press

    Custom Hydralic Sake Press

    We fabricated a custom sink for a customer that saw in a foreign catalog, a sink that could not be reproduced in the U.S. (See Video at the bottom of this page). He just so happened to be setting up a Sake Brewery in Boston and asked if we could produce a Hydraulic Press for…

  • Custom Copper Counter

    Custom Copper Counter

    This picture shows a Copper countertop that we custom-fit for a local interior design project. The right section is a seam-welded piece of German Silver. This combination of metals are one-of-a-kind, and shows the variety of metal options we can produce. We set a patina over the copper, and covered the entire top with a…

  • Custom Round Artwork Frames

    Custom Round Artwork Frames

    A customer had a local artist make some round artwork, but had difficulty finding the right type of frame to help bring out the “porthole” look he was looking for. He came to us to see we could make it. After some thoughts and figuring, we came up with a prototype. He was very pleased…

  • Garden Club Work Table

    Garden Club Work Table

    A Greenhouse Garden Club needed a replacement worktable with two sinks. They requested if we could replace their old worktable while keeping keeping similar sizing, adding some improvements of a square tubing undershelf, and 3 fully extending drawers. They were more than happy with the finished product.