Precision Stainless

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication in New Bedford, MA

About Stainless Steel

Stainless steel provides many distinctive values as a powerful candidate in materials selection. Stainless steel is bright, durable, and will enhance any décor with clean lines and a neutral color. Stainless steel is available in many designer finishes to complement and enhance your overall design concept.

Architectural Details

Stainless steel can also be combined as an accent with natural materials such as granite, marble, wood, glass, or brick. A stainless steel reveal, frame or pedestal will give a polished look to your kitchen, patio, or wet bar.

Ornamental Finishes & Designs

Stainless steel blends seamlessly with other elements of your design style. Customized surface appearances include polished, brushed, layered, and random orbital finishes. Specialty metals like copper, brass, aluminum, pewter, german silver, and special pre-cast ceiling and wall panels are also available as accent pieces for your design scheme.

Residential & Commercial Kitchen Applications

Stainless steel lasts indefinitely and will complement and brighten all of your cooking spaces. We are experts at bringing your concepts to life. Custom sized cabinets, counters, range hoods, walls, and shelving can be made to fit your food preparation areas. A wide variety of options are available including integrally welded sinks, drain boards, backsplashes, shelving, and many more.

Benefits of Stainless Steel:

Corrosion Resistant

Lower alloyed grades resist corrosion in atmospheric and pure water environments, while high alloyed grades can resist corrosion in most acids, alkaline solutions, and chlorine bearing environments, properties which are utilized in process plants.


The easy cleaning ability of stainless steel makes it the first choice for strict hygiene conditions, such as hospitals, kitchens, and food processing plants.

Aesthetic Appearance

The bright surface of stainless steel provides a modern and attractive appearance.

Strength to Weight Advantage

The work hardening property austenitic grades, results in a significant strengthening of the material from cold-working, and the high strength duplex grades allow reduced material thickness over conventional grades, which reduce costs.

Impact Resistant

The austenitic microstructure of the 300 series provides toughness from elevated temperatures to far below freezing, making these steels particularly suited for cryogenic applications.

Long-Term Value

When total life cycle costs are considered, stainless steel is often the least expensive material option.

Fire & Heat Resistant

Special high chromium and nickel alloyed grades resist scaling and retain strength at high temperatures.