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  • Custom Island Counter and Cabinet

    Custom Island Counter and Cabinet

    We produced this large countertop to replace an obsolete unit for a local church a few years back. The top size is approximately 6’6”x 9’6” with a seam-weld down the middle along the back of the sinks. This unit’s top and sinks was made with 14 GA Stainless Steel. The cabinets, doors, and drawers were…

  • Custom Mirror & Pedestal

    Custom Mirror & Pedestal

    These are some examples of artistic metal work we have done. The Stainless Steel mirror is accented by different grain directions, giving it a unique look rather than the straight brushed-finish. We made unique pairs of 4-sided pedestals in the past to display designer shoes in Manhattan. The pedestal in this picture was achieved by…

  • Custom Copper Counter

    Custom Copper Counter

    This picture shows a Copper countertop that we custom-fit for a local interior design project. The right section is a seam-welded piece of German Silver. This combination of metals are one-of-a-kind, and shows the variety of metal options we can produce. We set a patina over the copper, and covered the entire top with a…